New Era in Fleet Management – Car Camera Tracking Devices

Nowadays, many fleet managers are using GPS vehicle tracking devices to keep track on the speed, mileage, time, and other things of vehicles. This technology is less expensive and now many companies are launching Live Video Tracking Devices. These devices function exactly to the GPS tracking devices except it have one major feature to record live footage.

With the help of this device fleet managers can easily know the exact location of the vehicle and listen to audio with live video streaming no matter where in this world. This device uses the mobile networks to transmit the signals to the main server. You can record the video from four different angles: rear, front, cabin and loading bay.

You can keep eye on the vehicle whenever driver left the vehicle unattended. This will decrease the chance of theft. These devices also maintain a record of the accident footage which can be used later on. Fleet managers can view every incident. You can easily playback all of the events and can serve as evidence in front of insurance companies.

You can have the live conversation with a driver with car camera system at a touch of a button. You can have the best deal of car camera system in the online market.

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