Social Media Marketing Strategies: Start Exploding Your Business

Nurture Your Leads:

Because social media is actually attempting to replace face-to-face human contact with posts, pictures, stats and charts, this isn’t a medium where you can expect to “just click” with a prospect, make a sale and be on to the next sales call 5 minutes later. Rather, you will need to be patient as you nurture relationships with prospects with an eye towards making a sale or gaining a referral for the future. You can click on this for social media marketing strategies.

In other words, you can’t rush the sales pitch via social media – not if you want to make the sale!

Know Which Channel to Use for What:

Different social media channels can be more effective for different purposes. For example, 80 percent of social media user’s state they prefer to make contact with companies and brands via Facebook as opposed to other social channels. With Twitter, longer tweets produce more link click-through than their shorter counterparts.

So here, it is critical to study each channel and play to its strengths when you are nurturing leads with the aim to generate sales.

Use Landing Pages Effectively:

Where many talented and otherwise well-educated social media marketers still mess up is during the phase when the prospect is redirected from the social media channel to the business’s website.

You want to design a landing page that has two options: buy or leave. This simplifies the prospect’s options without sacrificing the still-developing relationship.

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